Newsletter January 2020

Happy New Year, we hope you all had a wonderful time. Thank you from all the staff for the many cards and gifts.

We had a lovely night out together at Pesto’s.

Thursday 30th January 2020 is Parents evening, there is a notice up in the cloakroom for you to book an appointment time with your child’s key person.

A list of staff and key children is also in the cloakroom


 A notice is displayed in the cloakroom showing the focuses for each half term, together with activities and their links to the Early Years Foundation Stage. These can be viewed on the notice board in the cloakroom and on our web site.

The children have been enjoying our focus ‘Penguins’ looking at Penguin facts; they do not fly, they eat fish whole, they slide on the ice etc.

Our other focuses for this term include ‘Zog’, ‘Music from around the World’ and ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’.  

Brookhurst Preschool  Committee

Our group is run by parents. We hold half termly meetings (usually no longer than 1 ½ hours)

We do need more members, if you are interested please speak to Kerry or Carol for more information.

Birthday invitations

Just a polite note, that Brookhurst Preschool cannot be responsible for giving out children’s birthday invitation or gifts. If you wish to give any out please could you ensure you help your child before or after the session.

Dates to remember for this term:

Parents Evening     Thursday 30th January 2020

CLOSED planning   Wednesday 5th February 2020

Last Day                    Friday 14th February

Re-open         Monday 24th February

Photographer  Sally will be visiting us on  Tuesday 10th March

Just a note for your diary.

Children will be photographed during the session.

Children who do not normal attend Tuesdays are welcome to come in, a time will be arranged.

More information will follow.


Please can you make sure a coat is left each day to enable them to play outside which is named


Please ensure your children have clothing that aids independence with their toileting.


If your child has been sick, had diarrhoea or has a temperature please can we ask that they be kept at home for 48 hours to ensure that any bugs are not being passed on.


If you give your child any medication before bringing them into preschool please could you inform us e.g. Calpol, Inhaler, etc.

Please also consider if they are well enough to come.

Updating information Please can everyone ensure that the information we hold regarding addresses, contact information and medical information is correct and up to date

First Aid Training
Coates training are providing a course for us.
A work book needs to be completed by Monday 27th January and then 6th and 13th February 6-9pm in the Preschool room.
If anyone is interested at a cost of £66 please let us know ASAP

Special Request

During the weeks commencing the 3rd & 10th of February the children will be exploring music. We will be listening to musical sounds/ tempo, playing musical instruments and the children will have the opportunity to make their own musical instrument. The children will be introduced to music from around the world.
Could we please ask if there are any parents/ grandparents/ aunties/ uncles that may have a musical instrument or another language talent and possibly would be able to join us for 15 minutes during the session to share their talent?