Newsletter January 2021

Hello welcome to 2021.

We are welcoming a new staff member, Miss Vickie Wood, to our team. Miss Wood will be covering our lunchtime and every afternoon session. With a new staff member, there have
been some changes to some children’s key person.
We know this is a very strange time for everyone.
We wish you and your families all the best.
Please if anyone if your house is awaiting a Covid result do
not bring your child to preschool.
Please if you have any questions, or concerns ring
01513430451 or email


We have been sharing activities on Tapestry and hope you
are enjoying seeing what the children get up to here and it
has been nice to see some observation you have uploaded
from home.
Please if you have any questions let us know through email
or telephone


We started this year looking at another of Julia Donaldson
books The Smartest Giant in Town. The children have loved
it and all the activities.
The weather is perfect for our next focus Winter. We will be
looking at and playing with and painting with ice. Not sure if
we will be able to make a snowman?
We will talk about Arctic and Antarctic animals
Our last focus of the half term will be Goldilocks and the
Three Bears

Brookhurst Preschool Committee

Our group is run by a parent committee. We hold half-termly
meetings (usually no longer than 1 ½ hours) (zoom at the
Thank you to Amy Gill for joining our committee
Claire Jones continues to be our Treasure and what a great
job she does too, thank you.
Crissi Morad is now our secretary and looks after our website
brilliantly, thank you.
We do need more members if you are interested, please
speak to Kerry or Carol for more information.


Please can you make sure your child has a coat each day to
enable them to play outside which is named


Please ensure all removable clothing is labelled clearly
with your child’s name; especially as you are not at present
able to enter the building to find coats/cardigans/jumpers etc.
Please ensure that their clothing is easy for the children to
manage when toileting; this will help with their independence
Spare Clothing – If your child has been changed in Pre-
school and their spare clothes have been used please
could we ask if these can be replaced and the bag
labelled with your child’s name. If returning Brookhurst
Pre-School loaned clothes could we please ask if you
could label the bag ‘School’. Thank you, some of the
clothes are getting muddled!


If your child has been sick, had diarrhoea they should not
return until they have been 48 hours clear of symptoms.
If they have a temperature, (37.8C or greater) your child
should be kept at home and taken for a Covid test. If this
is positive they should be kept at home for 14 days. If
the test is negative your child can return to Pre-school
when they are well enough to do so.
Please telephone or email to let us know of their absence
If your child is on antibiotics or any medication for example
calpol please ring to speak to Kerry/Carol
Please also consider if they are well enough to come.

Accidents at Home

Please telephone or email if your child has had an accident at home, so we are able to update records at Pre-School.
You will be notified of accidents within the group through

Updating information

Please can those families returning ensure that the
information we hold regarding addresses, contact information
and medical information is correct and up to date

Dates to remember for this term:

Last day of half term Friday 12 th February
Re-open Monday 22 nd February
Last day of term Friday 26 th March
Re-open Monday 12 th April


With the fees for the week 11 th January that we were closed
you could either deduct the amount due this half terms fees
or if this has already been paid we will reduce your first half
of the summer terms fees appropriately.