September Newsletter

Welcome back

Hello we hope you all have had an enjoyable summer. It has been lovely to return and to be able to welcome all our children back in to their Pre-School Year.

A big welcome to all our new children and families who are joining us too.

The children are all settling really well and enjoying free play, adult led activities and lots of outdoor play.

When we refer to the groups of children at Brookhurst Preschool, the children born Sept 2017 –August 2018 we call Preschool and the children born September 2018 – August 2019 we call Playgroup

Play & Learning

During each session, the children play freely and are invited to do many activities. We have a focus for our activities which generally changes fortnightly; some of the work they do will be for group displays and some to be taken home.

This half term we have started with Elmer the Elephant; talking about friends, feelings, patterns and preposition. Our focuses for the rest of this half term are Nursery Rhymes,       

Three Little Pigs and Space.


We will share your children’s experience through Tapestry. Each key person is allocated office time to collate the information during the focus fortnight and will send them out to you.

We will also on occasions send out group observations.

Please if you have not already activated your account can you please do so or you will not be able to receive any information. If you have any questions relating to Tapestry please telephone or email the setting.



You are more than welcome to arrange to speak to your child’s Key Person or any staff member at any time by asking for a telephone call.  Please email and we will be able to give you a convenient time. 

As we will be unable to have a Parents Evening we will be arranging telephone appointment times in November to update you on your child’s progress.

Please if you have any questions, or concerns ring 01513430451 or email



Since starting Tapestry we have not used Facebook much but we think it is worth keeping as another means of communicating with you if needed.

We will from time to time share experiences from within the group.

We will also add photographs and information on our website.

Please email us if you do not wish your child to appear


Updating information

Please can those families returning ensure that the information we hold regarding addresses, contact information and medical information is correct and up to date


Brookhurst Preschool Committee

Our group is run by parents. We hold half termly meetings (usually no longer than 1 ½ hours) (zoom at the moment)

We do need more members, if you are interested please speak to Kerry or Carol for more information.


Lunch Boxes

Children staying for lunch; lunch boxes are stored on a trolley in the cloakroom.  The cloakroom can get very warm so we recommend if possible placing a small icepack in their lunch box. Please ensure grapes, berries or tomatoes are cut/quartered.

Drinks need to be stored within the named lunch box or in a named bottle.

The children seem to have settled well into the lunchtime routine. We will return all uneaten food and packaging so you can monitor how much your child needs.

We do encourage the children as much as possible to eat their healthy options first.




Please can you make sure your child has a coat each day to enable them to play outside which is named

Please ensure all removable clothing is labelled clearly with your child’s name.

We require a change of clothes to be left in the cloakroom. We will place this in the symbol bag we provide.

Please ensure that their clothing is easy for the children to manage when toileting; this will help with their independence



If your child has been sick, had diarrhoea or has a temperature, (37.8C or greater)

we ask that they be kept at home for 48 hours to ensure that any bugs are not being passed on

Please telephone or email to let us know of their absence



If your child is on antibiotics or any medication for example Calpol, please ring to speak to Kerry/Carol

Please also consider if they are well enough to come.

If your child has prescribed medication that requires to be given during the day you will need to complete a form with directions and consent


Accidents at Home

Please telephone or email if your child has had an accident at home, so we are able to update records at Pre-School


Term dates for the year will be available to be see on our Web site


Dates to remember for this term:

Last day of half term    Thursday 21st October 2021

Re- open                         Monday 1st November 2021

AGM Via Zoom              Tuesday 16th November 2021

Preschool AM only Party 9 to 11.30am Friday 17th December 2021          

Playgroup PM only Party 1 to 3pm        Friday 17th December 2021          

Last day of term                  Friday 17th December 2021  


We return after Christmas   Wednesday 5th January 2022