Waiting List

We hold a waiting list from birth. An application form can be downloaded or picked up from the setting.

We offer children sessions from 2 years of age who access funding or pay.

Arrivals and Departures

Brookhurst Pre-school term times follow closely the term times of Brookhurst Primary School.

The morning sessions start at 9.00am and finish 12.00pm.
The afternoon sessions start 12.40pm and finish 15.40pm.

  • On arrival the parent is required to help hang up their child’s coats and collect their pump bags – these are coloured/symbol bags, individual to each child.
  • The children will then change from their shoes once inside the main room.
  • A list of adults authorised to collect the child is recorded in the parent’s handwriting. Any deviation from this list must be previously notified by the parent, either by letter, telephone call or recorded in the daybook.

We have your child’s safety in mind and treat it with great importance.

Please ensure that you do not allow an unattended child to leave the building as you arrive and leave. Please shut the door  after entering and leaving and the gate to the road, thank you.


The fees are set by the Committee, and with the early years funding (see below), must cover all expenses incurred; the administration; the insurance; the heating, lighting and water; the remuneration of staff; renewal of equipment, the furnishings and decoration; and general maintenance etc.

The fees will be: –           £15 per session

  • Fees are paid half-termly in advance, or monthly by standing order/direct debit. Various work schemes can also be used to fund places
  • In the case of difficulties please put this in writing to our committee – help with funding may be available for parents with financial needs and children with special needs.
  • All children receive Early Year’s Education Funding from the term after their third birthday, and from that time their place is free to parents.
  • The Group will apply for Early Years funding for three- year old children as soon as they become eligible. If, however, the funding is claimed elsewhere we shall be obliged charge a fee.
  • Funding is available for some two year old children subject to certain criteria, this funding is available by application on the Wirral Borough Council website, please ask our Managers for more information. A half terms notice is necessary if your child leaves Brookhurst Pre-school or reduces the number of sessions attended, or payment of those sessions will be required.
  • Any monies paid by cheque to the Group, should be made payable to Brookhurst Pre-school Group’ and have the cheque card number on the back.
  • Early Years Pupil Premium. Parents are now eligible to apply for this funding whilst your child is at Preschool. Information can be found on the Wirral Authority website or for more information please ask a member of staff.


Your child can wear our uniform if you wish, although it is not compulsory. Uniforms (sweatshirts, cardigans, fleeces and T-shirts) are available at local uniform shops.

Children do wear aprons for messy activities, but we cannot guarantee they will always fully protect their clothes.  We therefore advise that you don’t send your child in their best clothes.

Please ensure that clothing is suitable for the weather as we like to play outside whenever possible.

Please remember to name label all items of removable clothing and pumps.

Please could we ask that your child wears shoe that s/he can change independently. We will of course help with fastenings.

We have our own sun and winter hats which are available for the child for outdoor play. You can provide one to be left in the setting but we cannot be held responsible for this going astray.

We ask that you put sun cream on your children prior to coming to Pre-school if necessary.

Drinks and Snacks

The children have a cafe style snack time when they are offered water or milk and a choice of a range of healthy snacks, so it is not necessary to send any refreshments with your child.

Our weekly snack menu is displayed in the cloakroom. and includes fresh fruit, salad, sandwiches, pancakes, cereal as well as seasonal variations and ingredients.

This is a social time for the children and an opportunity to have small group discussions.

We cater for children with special dietary requirements – please specify any allergies on the registration form.